Srbija među 20 zemalja koje bi trebalo posetiti

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Poznati američki turistički portal Conde Nast Traveller stavio je Srbiju među 20 zemalja koje bi, prema njihovom predlogu, trebalo posetiti sledeće godine.

Ovaj portal je Srbiju uvrstio među 20 destinacija: Norveška, Egipat, New Orleans, Jamajka, Menorca, Bermingen…

Kako god da zamislite putovanje, na ovoj listi ima nešto što će zadovoljiti sve sklonosti, pišu na portalu Conde Nast Traveller.

Postoji, naravno, bezbroj prostora za istraživanje na ovoj planeti, i mnogo načina na koje to možemo da uradimo, ali ovo je pažljivo istražen izbor tih mesta za 2022. godinu.


Stuffed full of Greek, Turkish, Hungarian and Balkan influences, it’s no surprise that Serbia – and more specifically its zestful capital, Belgrade – has caught the attention of the folks at Michelin who, after some delays, are expected to launch a guide there for the very first time in 2022.

The feisty city is an intoxicating blend of old and new, a place where brutalist NATO-era breeze-block buildings stand just metres from opulent wine bars and trendy glass-fronted flats. This dynamism applies to the food scene too and while locals are fiercely proud of their traditional cuisine, they also welcome new flavours with eager, expert palates. It’s anyone’s guess who’ll make the Michelin list next year, but names muttered by in-the-know bloggers and guides include the architecturally exquisite Salon 1905; the ever-popular Magellan, which serves up daring goose liver and white chocolate entrées; and Enso, run by chefs Uroš Ivošević and Nedeljko Jerković, where the rabbit saddle comes plated with piquant banana and curry ice cream.

Out of the city, Serbia’s fertile plains and hills gift it a terroir which breeds a wealth of characterful grape varieties. You’ll find more than 30 wineries in Negotin, to the east, most potently concentrated on the slopes of mountain Fruška Gora, where exquisite Chardonnay is produced, and a campaign is in swing to afford UNESCO World Heritage status to the hundreds of old stone pivnice houses built for the storage of wine.

Where to stay in Serbia: Institution Square Nine, designed by Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld, is filled with old-fashioned globes, spherical lights and low-slung modernist leather chairs well-worn over the years by an international crowd of actors, artists and politicians. 

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