Employees of Mitrosrem in Sremska Mitrovica, members of the Independent Workers’ Unions, started a strike early this morning. Their only condition is the payment of arrears of unpaid wages. The officials who run Mitrosrem say that the strike is unfounded and that they for the time have paid regular payments from the regular business.

Workers of Mitrosrem in front of the office sent a message to the authorities not to give up the strike until their demands were met, which is the payment of salaries for the December, January and February months.

According to the president of the Union, the average salary of employees who strike is about 40 thousand dinars and are paid in parts.

Among the employees there was information that the headquarters of the company will be transferred to Belgrade, which additionally makes them unhappy.

The director of the firm responded to our phone calls by a short SMS message that he did not appear at the meeting anymore.

Asked about the newly emerging situation, the Ministry of Justice told us „that there are no current delays in the payment of salaries, but the wages lag behind, due to which the employees stopped work related to the period of 2010“.

The Ministry of Justice confirmed that the unfounded fears of employees that the headquarters of the company from Sremska Mitrovica will be relocated to Belgrade. Workers of Mitrosrems continue to strike until their demands are met.

Source RTV .rs

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